Herbal Weight Loss – 3 Herbal Weight Loss “Effects” You Might Want to Avoid

Herbal Weight Loss – 3 Herbal Weight Loss “Effects” You Might Want to Avoid

Over 50% of the population in North America considered over weight. This has opened a huge weight loss market. Chemical products from natural and sports equipment have flooded the market. One of the hottest trends right now is to promote the use of natural herbs on your weight loss goals. But are they really effective? How do they promote weight loss? And are they safe?

There are many different herbs in the market to promote weight loss benefits. And while the list is long, they actually work in a few categories. Many herbs work on the principles of laxative / diuretic effects, emotional impact or stimulating effect. While effective, there are reasons that these three approaches may not be safe.

Laxative / diuretic effect

The most common and potentially the most effective use of herbs in weight loss, is its use as laxatives and diuretics. But this is certainly not the safest. Of course, if you can help move waste from your body faster and remove liquids, you will lose weight. However, there are problems with this approach. Use of laxatives can cause permanent damage to your digestive system. And you could not always get all the nutrients your body needs.

Emotional impact

Some people eat when stressed. These herbs help to regulate your reaction to that stress then you can fight and calls to build willpower. You can also help with problems such as emotional eating, or to train to be ready. You must ensure you are taking these herbs in moderation. You may include abdominal pain, drowsiness, and itching. You can also irritate the eyes, or sensitivity.

Stimulating effect

Herbal stimulants such as ephedrine are like the drug “speed” to increase your energy and speed of your bodily functions. These can be harder and needs more frequent exercise. It speeds up the metabolism, which in turn helps you burn food faster. Unfortunately, these herbs are extremely dangerous. They have shown to increase the chances of heart disease, kidney disease and even high blood pressure. Herbs will mainly help you deal with stress, contribute or stimulant laxative and will also help you with your weight loss goals. But there are some serious risks involved in using.

So before taking one, you must discuss it with your doctor or dietitian. Im sure they will recommend you with some herbs or less hazardous alternatives. So in the end, you may want to look for some ways on how to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, burn belly fat or even just lose weight and you will find exercise and diet as the best solution.