Slim Fast – Read this Important Information

Slim Fast – Read this Important Information

Now I think I `m something of an expert on weight loss – after all, I’ve been doing it for over 20 years! If you use the wrong methods, I might add, but that’s another story.

If, as a young dancer, I was told by my boss that I needed to lose weight – I did what any normal person would do – I ate everything right away that I got my hands and did this regularly for many years. But between those times, I tried every new diet on the market – when it promised quick results, I was there.

Shake the cookie diet plan cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, cereal bars … I’ve tried them all. And I can now say – they do not work – because it is impossible to stay back.

So, with a career at stake, I took the next logical step. Fasting.

Oh yes, I decided it made perfect sense, if I was bound I eat to lose weight.

For the first three days, I drank plenty of water and some fruit, on the fourth day I could barely get out of bed and had a pounding headache. Come on day five, I realized how ridiculous eating plan and started back to normal.

nope – – not a pound, not an ounce, Zilch But at least I should have lost some weight.

You see, by fasting, reducing the body’s metabolism and keep as long as possible and consume as little energy as he can. You re not in enough calories to provide you the energy you need. Plus, you find that youre a lot less calories than usual, because you do not move as often.

It may seem like a good idea if you seem to lose weight quickly, but you should keep it going for much longer than I was to see results. And by that time your body would literally have eaten from the inside to try and nutrients it needs.

So you would have eventually reduced at the end of a thin, pale, lethargic and sick, your muscle mass would and so you would need fewer calories than before. If you start eating normally again the weight would come back quickly and you end up as fat as when you started.

If you still think that fasting is to look slim a good idea, please think it again. There are still many effective methods and product out there that can help lose weight. Someone asked me, does drinking green tea help you lose weight? Well, its another story and so you have to know more about it.